The Spring (Tempe, AZ)

We believe in Jesus and we are passionate about getting to know him in scripture worship. We are certain that a church shouldn’t just be a place you attend. A church should be a place where you know people and are known in community. As a result we have bible studies to help plug people grow with one another. We also think that its good to play together and we have regular events where people can just have fun with one another.  We are also passionate about reaching out to our community and we have regular service projects called Service Saturdays in which we partner with outside organizations to serve the poor.  (Gayle & Tom Parker, Co-Lead Planters)

The Spring (Phoenix/Arcadia, AZ)

We are currently planting a church out of the church we planted 7 years ago. This will be the second Spring church in AZ.  We have a core group of people meeting and discussing vision and mission and are hoping to find clear ways to love and serve our neighbors.  We are spending time talking about the value of the local church and trying to move our people into thinking of themselves as local missionaries. My hope is to raise up further leaders so that we can become a church plant that then plants churches. (Luke Parker, Lead Planter)


Missio Community Church (Pasadena, CA)

I am excited to plant Missio because we have an opportunity to embody the gospel in new ways in Pasadena by starting missional communities that are embedded in our neighborhoods. And since it may take a geek to reach other geeks, I'm also excited to respond to reach out to the Caltech and JPL communities and respond to their intellectual and spiritual questions with a warm and winsome faith grounded in Jesus Christ.  (Len Tang, Lead Planter)

Goodland Church (Santa Barbara, CA)

We exist to help those who are far from God find a place of belonging in relationship with Jesus and in community with God’s people.  We desire to reach out to the population of “never churched” people who live in the Santa Barbara/Goleta area through intentional relationships, acts of love and hospitality.  We want to be a place where followers of Jesus grow, seekers experience God, cynics are welcomed and the city is transformed through the proclaiming of the Gospel of the Kingdom of God. (Becky Lahna, Lead Planter)

RiverCross Church (Visalia, CA)

RiverCross Church is a northwest Visalia church committed to making relationships with Jesus real. Launched in the fall of 2015 with a core group and a larger leadership team, RiverCross Church is multi-generational on purpose, relational by design, and mission-minded by calling. After initially meeting in backyards for worship services, RiverCross moved to a neighborhood elementary school, allowing worship and service to happen right where hundreds of families and students live and where the city is growing the quickest.  (Karl Schafer, Lead Planter)

Water's Edge (Manhattan Beach, CA)

Our desire is to do the best possible job of loving God and loving people. Jesus said that these are the two most important commands in Scripture. In order to accomplish this, we emphasize three key values: Encountering God... Embracing People... Engaging the World- Beyond our walls, we serve alongside area-wide and international partners who are ministering to people with distressing needs. (Bill Crawford, Lead Planter)


Providencia West Palm Beach (West Palm Beach, FL)

Our city is a gift. It forces us outside of ourselves. It challenges us to interact with people from different socioeconomic, ethnic, religious and cultural backgrounds.  We meet the world on the streets of downtown West Palm Beach. Together we believe we can build a city where all might flourish… And God…is here today. (Keith Case, Lead Planter)

The Grove Church (Fort Pierce, FL)

Our desire is to help build a flourishing city by helping people find their story. We believe this happens as the glory, beauty, and worth of God is discovered through the good news of Jesus echoing in the halls of our hearts and resounding in all the nook and crannies of our city. As the gospel is embraced a new story is written. It’ s a story that brings hope out of despair, love out of indifference, and life out of death. (David Hancock, Lead Planter)


Dunwoody Presbyterian Church (Dunwoody, GA)

I am very thankful to be a church planter in the ECO movement. I have found ECO to be Christ-centered, Missional, and overflowing with a Spirit of Love.  ECO is serious about planting thriving new churches. But they are humble and patient in their approach as well. As we hold truth and grace together in a fresh way, I pray that ECO will become a church planting movement. (Trent McEntyre, Lead Planter)


Renew Church (Jerome, ID)

Renew is an innovative approach to church planting. Rural communities like Jerome suffer from a lack of public space where the majority of youth are left unengaged, and the challenge of launching a sustainable ministry that ministers to children, youth, young adults, and the poor is immense. We seek to meet the needs of our community by becoming the public space that the community desperately desires, where culture encounters the Kingdom of God, and is engaged with the transforming power of Jesus. (Will Ritter, Lead Planter)

Headwaters Ministries (Hailey, ID)

We exist to make disciples who live in authentic community and serve the world outside their doors. We are a welcoming community of grace that seeks to build relationships of love, support, encouragement, and accountability. We are committed to meaningful engagement in our community and world. We will meet real needs, empower others, and share Good News in word and deed. We do not wish to be religious consumers. We encourage all participants to engage in discussion and in ministries of reconciliation and healing. (Sean Martin, Lead Planter)


Garden City Church (Boston, MA)

Garden City Church exists to make followers of Jesus for the flourishing of our city. Our vision is to join God in the renewal of Boston, beginning in our neighborhood of Jamaica Plain, by being a gospel-centered, culturally diverse, and faithfully present community as we cultivate deep relationships with God and one another. (Brice Williams & Ken Liu, Co-Lead Planters) 


Waypoint Community Church (Charlotte, NC)

waypoint is a navigational term where people arrive to get their bearings in order to continue on in their journey. In ultramarathons, there are waypoint tents at mile 30, 60 and 80, where adventurers have to stop to get their vitals checked, regroup and recharge. However, if they remain in the tents too long they will drop out of the race. Therefore, they must get back onto the trail.  Likewise, Waypoint Community Church is a stopping place along life’s journey for us to get our bearings and directions from Jesus Christ through the Bible. We are a place where people converge from different stages and places in order to reflect on the challenge placed before us, so that we can apply it to our daily lives. (Wes Barry, Lead Planter)

Christ The Word Church (Wake Forest, NC)

In June of 2012, the first core-group of what would later become Christ the Word Church, gathered in a Wake Forest home to worship together for the first time. There was no pastor or designated leader, just a group of Jesus-followers feeling called by God to do something new in their community. It quickly became apparent that God was calling them to start a new church with a strong connection to Scripture and the mission of God. In May of 2015, Christ the Word called Patrick to be their first full-time organizing pastor. We are currently a small gathering of people planning to make a big impact in our community. Look for our Fall Kickoff on Sunday, September 11, 2016! (Patrick Cherry, Lead Planter)

​​​​​​​Hope Community (Wilmington, NC)

Hope started taking shape in late August of 2016 with a few families, an exciting vision and much to be learned. Wilmington is a souther town on the coast with so many great assets yet there are many needs. Hope Community is about connecting people to God, to the people of God and to the mission of God. Essentially, we want to be connectors in our community to the source of Hope. (Nate Stratman, Lead Planter)


The Table (Bend, OR)

We believe that the best way to represent our God — who is himself the loving community of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit — is by being a loving community ourselves. Therefore, central to who we are is shared meals in each one of our missional communities and when we gather for worship. Every time we get together, we sit down to a leisurely meal. There's no rush. There's no agenda. All there is is the sharing of our lives over good food. (Pete Santucci, Lead Planter)


In Vivo (Austin, TX)

Dan and Leslie are beginning a missional community-style church plant in East Austin.  They feel called to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with our non-Christian peers (20s and 30s, singles, couples, young families).  East Austin is a rapidly growing area with considerable diversity.  They want to build a community of faith that makes disciples while seeking to love our neighbors.  The Auments want to take an experimental approach to discipleship and fellowship and try out new ways to live for Jesus. (Dan & Leslie Aument, Co-Lead Planters)


Aim Church (Ashland, VA)

We are seeking to reach the new neighborhoods in and around Ashland. Aim Church has become a key catalyst for "Ashland Open Door," a new partnership of Ashland area churches, businesses, and compassionate Christians seeking to address the lack of affordable housing, lack of public transportation, and primarily, only low-paying jobs for the less fortunate around Ashland. (Tommy Nance, Lead Planter)


Gather | Tacoma (Tacoma, WA)

Gather | Tacoma is a gathering of people who follow Jesus or who are interested in learning more about him.  We are Intentionally Small and Unhurried, believing that transformational relationships are best cultivated as we live into community together, seek to be disciples of Jesus and to invite others to be disciples, and as we serve with a common purpose together. (Becci Curtis-Lillie & Taeler Morgan, Co-Lead Planters)